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The Cove will be a true gem - a tranquil and protected outcrop enjoying spectacular sunrises over open sea and views to the west along Dorset's Jurassic Coast. To the south and east, there are views towards Portland Harbour and the causeway.

The project will deliver high quality homes and create long term employment opportunities on the site. The Cove will also feature a restaurant, office space, leisure facilities and a care home.

The site will be open to the public with walkways and cycle paths along the shore, a destination restaurant where diners can enjoy spectacular coastal views, and safe access to the sea with showers for swimming and water sports.

The Cove will also involve a significant investment in major flood defence and cliff stabilisation work, following the recommendations from the Environment Agency. This work is essential to protect the site and the surrounding area from the effects of climate change.

We have refined the project over many months, after listening to local views, taking on board suggestions and concerns. The project is now ready to be delivered.


Now derelict, the site played an important role in the second World War as a torpedo testing facility. The site was sold by the MOD for development in 2006 and has numerous failed and unviable planning consents.



What will be build at Newton's Cove?

The development is mixed use, with up to 141 houses and apartments, a care home, leisure facilities including a gym, swimming pool / spa, offices, light industrial floorspace, a restaurant and parking.

In conjunction with the Environment Agency, we will be carrying out extensive cliff stabilisation and flood defence work to protect this stretch of coastline. This will ensure both the development, and importantly, the land around it, is maintained for decades to come


Will this development make traffic worse in Weymouth?

We've listened to people's concerns about traffic in the area, and we have included measures to ensure there is very little impact on local roads.

We have reduced the number of dwellings, and we will include traffic calming measures which will keep speeds below 20mph within the development.

On-site car parking availability complies with Dorset Council's guidance for the number of spaces needed for the homes and businesses on the site.

A Transport Assessment has been carried out which shows the development will have no material impact on the operation of the local road network in Weymouth.

This assessment has been checked independently by Dorset's Highways Authority, which has confirmed this conclusion is correct. 

What will this development have on the Jurassic Coast UNESCO World Heritage site?

We have consulted the Jurassic Coast Trust, which has welcomed the potential for increased access to the World Heritage Site and the steps we are taking to provide information about this stretch of the coastline.

The Trust says our plans do not pose a threat to the exposed geology within the World Heritage Site.

We have listened to suggestions about the visual impact of the development, and we have changed the design of the buildings so they do not breach the skyline and sit more sensitively within the landscape. We will continue to work with the Jurassic Coast Trust to ensure the project is designed in a way which complements this spectacular natural setting and provides greater public access.

Is there a danger of flooding?

We have consulted the Environment Agency about the risk of flooding, and they have told us extensive work needs to be carried out to make sure the site is secure from the effects of climate change.

This work represents a major investment by the developers and will be carried out at the start of the project. These upfront costs are very significant and would be faced by any company which wanted to develop the site. 

Improvements will be made to flood defences at Newton's Road and around the east of the site. On the southern boundary, the height of the sea wall will be increased. Without this vital work, the sit would be increasingly vulnerable to tidal flooding as a result of climate change.

Will I be able to enjoy the views from the site?

Very much so. The project will include a specially created viewing area which will be accessible from a safe public walkway around the site. The new restaurant will also be open to the public, and will provide another opportunity to enjoy this stunning location.

Will the development spoil the view when I am walking on the cliff top?

We recognise this is an important issue and the height of the buildings has been reduced so they do not interfere with the outlook from the cliffs.


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